Call for Abstracts

Aims and scope of the 1-page abstracts track in ISBI
The goal of this track is to communicate late scientific findings and open up ISBI to a broader audience of imaging scientists (in particular from the biology, radiology and physics communities) and to encourage cross-fertilization. Its scope is complementary to the regular track with the dual aim of: (a) stimulating future algorithmic, mathematical, and computational contributions by the traditional ISBI community, and (b) promoting the transfer of advanced algorithms to the practice of bio-imaging. Only 1-page abstract submissions will be considered and accepted submissions will be presented as posters at the meeting, but will be neither published in the conference proceedings nor in IEEE Xplore.

Particular topics of interest for this track include: Recent practical developments/advances of optical, MRI, or other imaging instrumentation, imaging protocols, or biochemical tools as well as recent biological/clinical findings obtained primarily via the use of existing imaging algorithms or software tools. Also of particular interest to the ISBI community will be application of machine learning, such as deep learning, to biomedical imaging. The Abstract Track is particularly suited for papers that discuss the role of signal and image processing approaches in applications.

Full 4-page papers not accepted for the regular submission track but with good reviews will be invited to be submitted as an abstract.

Which are the important dates?

Opening date for submission of 1-page abstracts: November 21, 2016
Deadline for submission: January 23rd, 2016
Notification of acceptance/rejection: January 30th, 2017
Deadline for submission of final version: February 13th, 2017

Why should you submit an abstract to ISBI?

Perhaps, your work was not solid enough or the results were too preliminary for a full 4-page paper.

If you are a basic biological, biomedical or clinical researcher; if your work requires access of advanced biological or medical imaging techniques; or if you are keen to network with experts in the image analysis domain… then perhaps you should consider submitting an abstract to ISBI.

You will have the unique opportunity to meet physicists and engineering experts in image acquisition and image processing; to attend a variety of tutorials and special sessions reviewing hot topics in amenable and high-quality lectures. Why not to make the most out of this conference by drafting an abstract to ISBI where you report on your recent work and expose the challenges of your application to the biomedical imaging community? Learn from other disciplines, listen to top notch plenaries and semi-plenaries, share your imaging challenges, and establish new collaborations in a vibrant city.

Instructions for Authors
Please read the instructions carefully (above and below). In particular, authors should follow the steps below:

  • Prepare a 1-page abstract of your work. Use the first page from these templates.
  • Abstracts are submitted online. Follow the link, find ISBI2017 in the table. Select ‘Submit a contribution to ISBI 2017’, Submit a 1-page abstract.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed for suitability by selected members of the Program Committee and will include a subset of the Scientific Review Committee to ensure that proper expertise is provided.

Upon acceptance of the abstract:

  • Authors will prepare a poster presentation following the posted guidelines.
  • Title and authors of accepted abstract will be listed on the program