Tele-Health: Assessing health with real-world constraints

Special Session 5


Dwarikanath Mahapatra, Rahil Garnavi, Rajib Chakravorty


  • Adrian Bowling, (CEO Molemap)
  • Rahil Garnavi, (Research Manager, Multimedia Analytics, IBM Research – Australia)
  • Peter van Wijngaarden, (Principal Investigator, Center for Eye research Australia)
  • Dinesh Kant Kumar (Professor, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology,)
  • Simon Wail (research Scientist, IBM Research-Australia


Telehealth, clinical challenges, methods, computing resources


Recent years have witnessed an explosion in technological advances that are relevant for healthcare professionals. Modern computational algorithms enable clinicians to extract meaningful information from medical data at an unprecedented scale.  Additionally, modern computing resources have facilitated the design and simulation of complex biological models that was inconceivable a few years ago. Consequently, clinicians have better resources to assist them in making diagnostic decisions. In turn, this benefits greater number of patients. This special session aims to explore some of the constraints faced by real-world health care providers and clinics and some of the potential ways to resolve or mitigate those constraints. The series of talks will address the following aspects of tele health: 1. relevance of telehealth solutions; 2) challenges – in terms of infrastruc ture, technology, clinical and research facets; 3) feasible computational algorithms; 4) overview of current scenario.

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