Imaging for Developing Countries

Miguel A. Gonzalez-Ballester, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Erin Girard, Siemens, USA


  1. Devyani Chowdhury, Cardiology Care for Children, USA
  2. Stephen Aylward, Kitware Inc., Carrboro, NC, USA
  3. Braggi Sweinsson, Martinos Center, Massachusets General Hospital, Boston, USA


The impressive advances harnessed by the bioimaging and medical imaging communities in the last decades have had a profound transformational effect on the quality of life of millions of people. Although this is a pattern found at a global scale and across all continents, there are clear divides in terms of access to technology. The reasons for this uneven development are manifold, including cultural and social factors, but most notably economic issues play the central role in the limited access to medical care, and particularly medical imaging. This session will delve on these aspects by showcasing concrete experiences by renowned clinical, technical and academic experts in the adaptation and deployment of medical imaging for developing countries.

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