Integration of Multiscale Heterogenous Imaging and Genomic Data

Vince D. Calhoun, University of New Mexico, USA
Yu-Ping Wang, Tulane University, USA


  1. Tulay Adali, Univ. of Maryland at Baltimore County, USA
  2. Vince Calhoun, The Mind Research Network and The University of New Mexico, USA
  3. Christos Davatzikos, University of Pensilvania, USA
  4. Anant Madabhushi, Case Western Reserve University, USA
  5. Yu-Ping Wang, Tulane University, USA


The last decade has seen the emergence of imaging genomics, where multiscale and multi-modal imaging and genomic information are utilized for comprehensive and systematic diagnosis of complex diseases. However, the combination of these data has been challenging because these data are of different nature, format, organization and structure are produced by different genomic platforms at multiple scales, calling for innovative data analysis strategies. Currently, few tools are available to address these difficult data analysis problems and the solution needs a paradigm shift in both conceptual and technical approaches.

The goal of this workshop is therefore to bring researchers working at the interface of imaging and genomics to discuss the challenges, solutions and opportunities in analyzing genomic imaging data with the context of big data science and precision medicine. It is timely to put together such a special session to show the progress of this exciting area and stimulate further research. The invited speakers are experts in neuroimaging, genetics, visualization and bioinformatics. A novel aspect of this special session is that we will bring both the bioimaging and bioinformatics communities together to address the challenges facing imaging genomics. Given our success in organizing similar topics at ISBI’13, SIAM Imaging Sciences in 2015, and ICASSP’17, we expect that this special session will continue to draw a large number of audiences to foster the development of this emerging field.

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