Four half-day tutorials will be presented on Wednesday April 4, 2018 (two in the morning and two in the afternoon). Details of each tutorial are provided below.

Tutorial Chairs

Jerry Prince  (prince@jhu.edu)
Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood (stf@us.ibm.com) 

1. Optimal transport in biomedical imaging


Liam Cattell, Ph.D. 2016 Oxford, Postdoctoral researcher at University of Virginia
Soheil Kolouri, Ph.D. 2015 Carnegie Mellon University, Research Scientist HRL Laboratories
Gustavo Rohde, Ph.D. 2005 University of Maryland, Associate Professor, University of Virginia

2. Applying Deep Learning to Medical Image Analysis Problems: Keras and Beyond


Alexandros Karargyris, Ph.D. IBM Almaden Research Center, USA
Yaniv Gur, Ph.D. IBM Almaden Research Center, USA

3. Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk): A Quantitative Imaging Analysis Tool for Feature Extraction and Predictive Modeling of Clinical Outcomes


Spyridon Bakas, Ph.D. Kingston University London UK 2014, Postdoctoral researcher UPenn
Sarthak Pati, M.Sc., Technical University of Munich, Lead Software Developer UPenn

4. Elastography and Photoacoustic imaging – towards more effective cancer imaging


Abbas Samani, Ph.D. University of Waterloo 1997, Associate Professor, Western University
Hassan Rivaz, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University 2011, Assistant Professor, Concordia University
Mohammad Mehrmohamadi, Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin 2012, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

5. Biomedical Image Analysis in Python and R using SimpleITK Jupyter Notebooks


Hans Johnson, University of Iowa, USA
Bradley Lowekamp, National Institutes of Health and MSC LLC, USA
Ziv Yaniv, National Institutes of Health and TAJ Technologies Inc., USA