Author (4- Page Paper) Guidelines and Instructions

NEW: ISBI 2022 will use a double-blind reviewing process for full-length papers.

Instructions and Information

  1. If you are new to CMT and TPMS and need help navigating both sites, please see: 
  2. The login email addresses of your CMT account and your TPMS account must match. If you have multiple CMT accounts, make sure that your email address used for the one with the author credential matches the email address used for your TPMS account.
  3. Please make sure that your mailbox does not filter emails sent from CMT as SPAM. All future instructions will also be posted on the conference website:
  4. Once you have accepted the invitation, please complete your Reviewer profile before 15 Aug 2021, as follows.
    1. Select Subject Areas in your CMT Account.
    2. Enter Domain Conflicts in your CMT account.
    3. Update your TPMS profile by uploading five or more of your recent publications relevant to ISBI. You have the option to remove any papers that are irrelevant.
  5. Download the ISBI manuscript templates here.
  6. Full-length papers are limited to four pages, with one extra page (i.e., the fifth page) available for an additional 15000 INR fee for non-technical content only, as detailed next.
    1. All the technical content, including figures and tables, must fit within the first four pages of the manuscript. The first four pages can also contain references and other non-technical content detailed next.
    2. The fifth page of the manuscript can only contain (i) a section on information about compliance with ethical standards, (ii) a section on Acknowledgments, including a statement of potential conflict of interest, (please read the anonymity guidelines described later in this document) or (iii) a section on references. If the fifth page contains any other information, e.g., technical content, then the manuscript will be rejected.
    3. The maximum number of pages that a manuscript can have is five. Any manuscript that exceeds the five-page limit will be rejected.
  7. To submit the manuscript, visit
  8. An individual can be first author of at most two manuscript submissions.
  9. There is no limit on individuals being co-authors of manuscript submissions.
  10. Only full-paper submissions will appear in the proceedings of the conference and will be considered for oral presentation. One-page abstract submissions will only be considered for poster presentation, and will not appear in the proceedings.
  11. By submitting a manuscript to ISBI 2022, the authors acknowledge that it has not been previously published or accepted for publication in a substantially similar form in any peer-reviewed venue including journal, conference, or workshop. Furthermore, no paper substantially similar in content has been, or will be, submitted to another conference or workshop during the entire review period of ISBI 2022. The authors also attest that they did not submit multiple substantially-similar submissions to ISBI 2022. Violation of any of these conditions will lead to rejection.
  12. Authors may post their article on preprint servers, such as arXiv, medRxiv, and bioRxiv, before submission. See the IEEE Author Center for details on the policy.
  13. ISBI 2022 will use a double-blind reviewing process, i.e., the author names will be hidden from the Associate Editors and Reviewers, and the names of Associate Editors and Reviewers will be hidden from the authors. To achieve this, papers must be properly anonymized before submission. At the discretion of the Program Chairs, a paper may be rejected without further review when it is in blatant breach of these anonymization rules.
    1. In the manuscripts, authors must avoid providing information that may identify them. Authors can re-insert such information in the camera-ready manuscript after it is accepted for publication.
    2. Exclude any identifying information in the author section below the title, e.g., names, affiliations, email addresses, and URLs. Either keep this blank, or use asterisks (*) or “anonymous”. DO NOT remove the author section to gain extra writing space.
    3. No identifying information can appear in the headers and footers.
    4. Remove all identifying texts from the Acknowledgements section, e.g., funding agency, grant name/number, collaborator names, and hospital names.
    5. Remove all identifying information associated with dataset citations.
    6. Remove all identifying information associated with graphics, e.g., figures and tables.
    7. If the authors need to refer to their own previous work, then do so in the third person, e.g., “The method in [1] shows that …”. If this isn’t practical, then replace the reference with asterisks (*).
    8. Exclude any identifying information from the supplementary material.
    9. Exclude all identifying information associated with statements on ethical standards and conflicts of interest.

Human and/or Animal Subjects

ISBI supports the standard requirements on the use of animal and human subjects for scientific and biomedical research. For all IEEE ISBI 2022 papers reporting data from studies involving human and/or animal subjects, formal review and approval, or formal review and waiver, by an appropriate institutional review board or ethics committee is required and should be stated in the papers. For those investigators whose institutions do not have formal ethics review committees, the principles outlined in the Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in 2000, should be followed.

Authors should include a statement on ethical compliance in a separate section entitled “Compliance with Ethical Standards” in their manuscript. This section can appear on the fifth page of the paper.

We emphasize that reporting on compliance with ethical standards is required (irrespective of whether ethical approval was needed for the study) in the paper. Authors are responsible for correctness of the statements provided in the manuscript. Examples of appropriate statements include:

Conflicts of Interest

IEEE-ISBI supports the disclosure of financial support for the project as well as any financial and personal relationships of the author that could create even the appearance of bias in the published work. The authors must disclose any agency or individual that provided financial support for the work as well as any personal or financial or employment relationship between any author and the sources of financial support for the work.

Authors should disclose any real or potential conflict of interest in the acknowledgments section of the paper. This section can appear on the fifth page of the paper.

We emphasize that reporting on real or potential conflicts of interests, or the absence thereof, is required in the paper. Authors are responsible for correctness of the statements provided in the manuscript. Examples of appropriate statements include:

Final Submission

You will need to register as an author for ISBI 2022 prior to uploading your final paper (see the Registration page). While making the camera-ready submission within CMT, you will need to enter the confirmation code sent by the registration management.

In case of any questions, please contact the organizing team at