Best Paper Awards

ISBI 2024 Best Paper Awards

We are happy to announce the recipients of the ISBI24 Best Paper Awards.

This year, a total of six (6) prizes have been awarded, three (3) for the Best Papers in Oral Presentations and three (3) for the Best Papers in Poster Presentations.

Awards in each category (oral, poster) consist of one-time monetary prizes: 3,000 USD for first place, 2,000 USD for second place, and 1,000 USD for third place.

Best Student Oral Paper Awards

1st place: Athira J Jacob, Siemens Healthineers, for the paper titled “DCSM 2.0: Deep Conditional Shape Models for Data Eefficient Segmentation”

2nd place: Amirkhosro Kazemi, University of Louisville, for the paper titled “PI-GNN: Physics-Informed Graph Neural Network for Super Resolution of 4D Flow MRI”

3rd place: Mehrsa Pourya, EPFL, for the paper titled “A Continuous-Domain Solution for Computed Tomography with Hessian Total-Variation Regularization”

Best Student Poster Paper Awards

1st place: Liangni Hu, Tsinghua University, for the paper titled “CCMT: Cross Collaboration Mult-Task Network for Neonatal Hip Bone Intelligent Diagnosis”

2nd place: Benjamin Dorra, Institut Pasteur, for the paper titled “Semi-Supervised Segmentation with Topological Penalization for Quantifying Retinal Degeneration in Histological Sections”

3rd place: Valentina Vadori, London South Bank University, for the paper titled “Revealing Cortical Layers In Histological Brain Images With Self-Supervised Graph Convolutional Networks Applied to Cell-Graphs”