Outstanding Reviewers

ISBI2024 Outstanding Reviewers

At ISBI we are immensly thankful to our reviewers who contribute with their professionalism, dedication, and high scientific standards in ensuring the novelty and quality of research presented in the symposium. This year, for the first time, we are proud to recognize a lineup of outstanding reviewers for ISBI 2024. We appreciate their commitment and dedication to providing rigorous expert feedback. Congratulations to this year’s ISBI Outstanding Reviewers:

  • Zishun Feng, UNC, USA
  • Murad Hossain, U Hawaii, USA
  • Allonso Mastropietro, CNR, Italy
  • Isabella Poles, Polimi, Italy
  • Mayssa Soussia, France
  • Aiying Zhang, UVA, USA
  • Fengiun Zhao, NWU, China