ISBI 2016 Challenges

The grand challenges chosen for ISBI 2016 are the following. For additional details on these challenges click on the challenge name or image or go directly to the challenge website. All challenges will take place on Wednesday, 13 April, 8:30am-12:15pm.

Cancer Metastasis Detection in Lymph Nodes
B.E. Bejnordi, O. Geessink, G. Litjens, J. van der Laak, M. Veta, N. Stathonikos
Challenge website

Analysis of Images to Detect Abnormalities in Endoscopy
Organizers: E. Grisan, M. Coimbra, E. Trucco
Challenge website

Skin Lesion Analysis towards Melanoma Detection
Organizers: A. Halpern, B. Helba, D. Gutman, N. Codella, E. Celebi
Challenge website

Lung Nodule Analysis
Organizers: C. Jacobs, A.A. Adiyoso Setio, A. Traverso, B. van Ginneken
Challenge website

The organization of each challenge is unique. The tasks, metrics, participation requirements, and important dates are given on the challenge website. In general, each challenge is a combination of a contest and a workshop. The contest involves processing ground-truth data and is held during the months preceding the conference. During the conference workshop, additional data may need to be processed, participants will have the opportunity to present their methods, and all attendees will be invited to discuss the results.

We look forward to your participation in the ISBI Grand Challenges!
2016 ISBI Grand Challenges Chairs: