ISBI Pitch Competition 2019 (IPC-2019)

We are proud to announce the first edition of the ISBI Pitch Competition or IPC2019! In computer science and engineering, IPC stands for “inter-process communication” which is the mechanism allowing the basic software components of our digital devices to talk to each other, greatly improving the device effectiveness for solving complex problems.

In the IPC2019, we encourage multidisciplinary teams with expertise in technology and medicine to identify unmet medical needs and propose innovative solutions enabled by cross-discipline collaboration.

The projects will need to address clinical needs in neurology and neuroscience by leveraging biological and biomedical imaging.

The finalists will be invited to participate to the ISBI 2019 clinical day and matched with experts to refine their idea and pitch, which will be presented in front ISBI to select the final winners.

How to apply

Gather your multidisciplinary team, brainstorm, pick your best project and… iterate.

Then, download the application form here and email it to by March 10 at midnight (GMT).


The judging panel is composed by experts participating to ISBI 2019 and will evaluate:

  • Relevance of unmet medical need
  • Team
  • Innovation
  • Impact
  • Entrepreneurial feasibility

Important Dates

March 10th at midnight (GMT) – Application submission deadline
March 25th – Finalist notification
April 8th (afternoon) – ISBI Pitch Competition 2019


If your team is selected amongst the finalist you will be asked to prepare a 8 minutes pitch supported by a presentation before April 8th. The presentation should cover:

  • Your Team
  • The Problem, i.e. the unmet medical need
  • Your current (or future) solution
  • Project development status
  • How does the future product look like and who is going to be the payers users
  • Market addressed

During the competition the finalists will present and refine their pitches with a panel of experts. Finally, there will be the final pitch in front of the ISBI audience who will decide the winner by popular vote.  The winners of the competition will receive a Best Pitch Award. 

Intellectual Property Consideration

The pitch presentation will constitute a public disclosure