Call for challenges

ISBI 2021 

Call for Challenges

ISBI seeks proposals for scientific challenges. The goal of a challenge is to accelerate the pace of research on a demanding academic and clinical problem. To accomplish this goal, a challenge should aid the quantitative comparison of competing methods using standardized datasets and evaluation metrics, and foster collaboration, communication, and understanding. When submitting a challenge proposal, the organizing team, the challenge and workshop schedules, and the challenge topic and representative data are critical. Each challenge needs an organizing team responsible for defining the tasks, providing training and test data, specifying the metrics used to measure performances, managing entries, and organizing the on- site workshop presentations.

The organization of a challenge and the agenda for each workshop is determined by the challenge organizers. We encourage on-site evaluations and scientific presentations during these workshops. However, the challenges should not rely solely on the on-site evaluation. We encourage new challenge topics as well as topics that were addressed during previous challenges. New challenge topics could introduce new imaging devices, new biomedical applications, or existing applications that would benefit from focused attention from the medical and biomedical imaging research communities. Challenges that address previous challenge topics could feature, for example, repeating a challenge to track how the field has advanced, addressing bottlenecks in existing processing pipelines, processing larger datasets, analyzing specific sub-populations, comparing different approaches to tackle a imaging question, or exploring the utility of particular technologies such as deep learning. Prospective challenge organizers are encouraged to discuss their plans in an early stage with the challenge co-chairs.

Webpage to submit challenge proposals


Submission deadline: Oct 2, 2020
Accept/reject notification: Oct 23, 2020

Web site running: Nov 1, 2020

For all inquiries, please contact the ISBI 2021 Challenge Co-Chairs:

Daniel Sage

Jan Kybic

Caroline Petitjean