Art in Biomedical Imaging

ISBI 2024 Art in Biomedical Imaging

Join us for a fascinating exploration at the intersection of art and biomedical imaging, as we present a unique line of events during ISBI 2024. This innovative gathering promises to captivate the imagination, merging the realms of science and creativity in a celebration of ingenuity and expression.

Life Canvas: Connecting biological scales through imaging

Experience the convergence of science and art in a spectacular showcase at ISBI 2024, as Soteur, a renowned multidisciplinary artist, embarks on a live painting creation inspired by cutting-edge imaging technology. As part of the Art-in-Biomedical-Imaging line of events you can witness the fusion of creativity and scientific exploration as the artist translates concepts from the field of imaging technologies that connect biological scales -such as proteins to cells and cells to organisms- into a captivating work of art before your eyes. Engage with Soteur as he draws inspiration from biological structures revealed through imaging modalities and gain a deeper understanding for the transformative power of artistic interpretation in the realm of biomedical research.

Soteur will be working on a 2 m by 3 m canvas in real-time, at the foyer of the Conference venue.

Sotiris Fokeas “SOTEUR” is a human, multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Athens, Greece. He graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) in 2013 and from the Master’s in Fine Arts Program of ASFA in 2020. His work revolves around street art, conceptual art, installations, and performance. At its core, it has always been about the polarity between private and public spaces, with public being either the streets or the internet through social media platforms.

Find more about Soteur here or explore examples of his work on his Instagram account.

artISBI24 exhibition

Visit the art exhibition showcasing a diverse array of artworks inspired by biological and medical imaging. Each piece offers a distinct perspective on the intricate beauty of the human body, the mathematical, algorithmic, and computational aspects of innovative imaging technologies, and the profound impact of scientific discovery on our understanding of health and disease.

artISBI24 contest

Highlighting the exceptional talents within and beyond our community, the Art-in-Biomedical-Imaging line of events will also feature the artISBI24 contest. During the first two days of the Symposium, participants will have the opportunity to determine the final winners by voting among the up to ten artworks pre-selected by a panel of esteemed judges. The finalists will be recognized for their creativity, technical skill, and ability to communicate the essence of biological and medical imaging in a visually compelling manner. On the last day of ISBI 2024, a ceremony will take place to honour the contributions selected by popular vote and announce the awards.

Find more information about the contest here.