Camera Ready Submission (4-Page Paper)

  1. PREPARE YOUR PAPER: Authors must check their final papers for IEEE ISBI 2024 using the IEEE PDF eXpress system before submitting them on CMT. Here are the basic instructions for using PDF eXpress:
    • Submission deadline: March 01
    • First-time users: Go to Select “Create Account” under the login box, then enter your email address, a memorable password, and the Conference ID 56570X.
    • Previous users: Go to Enter 56570X for the Conference ID, your email address, and enter the password you used for your previous account. When you click “Login“, you’ll receive a prompt saying your information is already in the database. Select “Yes”. By entering your previously used email address and password combination, you will enable your account for access to the ISBI conference.
    • For each conference paper, click “Create New Title“.
    • Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended).
    • Click “Continue”.
    • Click “Browse” and navigate to your file, then click “Open”. Once the file uploads, click “Continue”.  Allow the system 1-2 minutes to validate and convert your pdf. You will see a Success window pop up.  Click “Ok”.
    • You will receive a confirmation of a successful upload both online and through email.
    • Once this is complete, make sure to download your file to check everything is still formatted correctly. This is very important because changes may occur during the conversion process.
    • To download your pdf, click the Adobe pdf button under the “Action” column.
    • If you are not satisfied with the IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF: Resubmit your source file with corrections by clicking “Try again”, or if that fails, “Request a Manual Conversion” through your account.  A “Manual Conversion” is not recommended.
    • Once you’ve reviewed your pdf, click the  check mark in the “Action” column to “Approve” the pdf.
    • If your PDF submission fails: Submit your source file again by clicking “Try again”. For support, access the links on the sidebar to get information on possible solutions, or Request Technical Help through your account.

For questions regarding PDF eXpress, you can contact the IEEE Publications Support Center. Also, please see related FAQ here. Please ensure to quote your paper ID from PDF eXpress in all correspondence.

  1. SUBMIT YOUR CAMERA READY SUBMISSION: Once you have your final pdf, you can return to CMT to upload your camera ready paper using the “Create Camera Ready Submission” link under the “Action” column. Please rename your file using the convention: ISBI24_paper_XXX, with XXX being your paper ID, e.g. “ISBI24_paper_012.pdf”.
    • Author list and title can be amended when uploading the camera ready version.
    • When submitting the camera ready paper, authors need to commit that their paper will be presented in person. Oral and poster sessions at the conference will include only in person presentation.
    • Camera ready submissions can be edited until the final submission date. Make sure to run any changes through PDF eXpress again.
    • Please consult the CMT Help Center for uploading instructions
    • Papers with no camera ready version submitted by the deadline (01 March 2024) will be removed from the program.
  2. SUBMIT YOUR IEEE COPYRIGHT FORM: Authors also need to upload a form to release copyright to IEEE during the camera ready process, using the “Submit IEEE Copyright Form” link provided in CMT under the “Action” column under the “Create Camera Ready Submission” link.
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