Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Guidelines and Instructions

ISBI 2024 is using Microsoft’s Conference Management Toolkit (CMT). Within CMT, we will use the Toronto Paper Matching System (TPMS) to help in the assignment of associate editors and reviewers to papers. ISBI 2024 will also use a single-blind reviewing process for full-length papers.

Reviewers are expected to maintain the high quality of reviews at IEEE ISBI, along with timely submission of the reviews, as follows.

  1. Indicate both strengths and weaknesses of the paper along with detailed justifications. Be specific in your comments. For example, one-liners or very generic comments aren’t usually helpful to the authors or to the program committee.
  2. If you give the highest or lowest rating to a paper, provide a strong justification for the rating.
  3. Strive to provide constructive feedback, e.g., to improve weak papers by addressing the weaknesses.
  4. While ranking each paper in your stack, try to assign ranks in order to sufficiently differentiate between papers.
  5. Strictly adhere to the deadline for review submission and strive to submit the reviews well before the deadline.
  6. We strongly discourage making any efforts to search, on the internet or otherwise, specifically for the identity of the authors for a manuscript under review. If at all you accidentally come across any additional information about the submitted manuscript from an external resource, it shouldn’t influence the review in any way.
Instructions for Signing-Up With CMT and TPMS:
  1. If you are new to CMT and TPMS and need help navigating both sites, see:
  2. The login email addresses of your CMT account and your TPMS account must match. If you have multiple CMT accounts, make sure the one with the reviewer credential matches that of your TPMS account.
  3. Make sure your mailbox does not filter emails sent from CMT as SPAM. All future instructions will also be posted on the conference website:
  4. Once you have accepted the invitation, complete your Reviewer profile at the earliest as follows:
    1. Select Subject Areas in your CMT Account.
    2. Enter Domain Conflicts in your CMT account.
    3. Update your TPMS profile by uploading five or more of your recent publications relevant to ISBI. You have the option to remove any papers that are no longer relevant.

In case of any questions, please contact the organizing team at