Pitch Competition Call

ISBI 2024: Industry Day – Pitch Competition

We are inviting all startups to participate in the Pitch Competition Event of the Industry Day of ISBI 2024.

Selection Criteria
We will select a competitive group of startups working on fields relevant to ISBI based on the novelty of their technology, market potential, significance of their application to medical and biomedical imaging, and their commercialization strategy.

Details of the Competition
There will be a slide-based pitch presentation comprising the following: problem statement, market gap, technical solution, market size, competitive landscape, team, funding history and needs, go-to-market strategy and timeline, and revenue streams. The short presentations will be followed by some questions from the audience. Prizes will be provided for companies selected by both an independent jury and the audience.

The competition will be chaired by Dr Sanna Gaspard from Rubitection. Dr Gaspard won the first prize during the inaugural Pitch Competition during ISBI 2023. The rest of the jury will be composed of Agie Fasoula (Wavelia Co) and Vasilis Papakonstantinou (StartSmart accelerator program) and Mrs Elena Contioso-Fleming (EIT Digital).

First prize $3000
Second prize $1500
Third prize $1000

Additionally, EIT Digital is offering a seat for free for each of the top three finishers in the competition in the 4th edition of the Speed Master that starts on September 10th, 2024 (https://www.eitdigital.eu/speedmaster/)

Popular vote – Special Prize
This year, we are also able to offer a spot for the next accelerator program of StartSmart
(https://startsmartsee.org/about-the-accelerator/). To be considered for this prize, entrants need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
(1) have a prototype; essentially, teams with just an idea are not eligible
(2) have two members in the founding team, as entrepreneurship is a difficult game
(3) not have raised more than 1M in equity financing.

Download the Call for pitch competition proposals

April 19, 2024: Applications due
April 22, 2024: Notification of acceptance
April 30, 2024: Submission of slides and presentation material
May 27, 2024: Pitch competition during the ISBI Industrial Day

Application Process
Submit your entries via the CMT link HERE [https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/ISBI2024/Submission/Index]

If you have any questions, please contact any of the below organizers, indicating “ISBI 2024 Pitch Competition” in the subject line.

Beatriz Paniagua <beatriz.paniagua@kitware.com>
Jon Xue <zhong.xue@ieee.org>
Lilla Zollei <lzollei@mgh.harvard.edu>