Call for Academic Software Demos

ISBI 2024 Call for Academic Software Demos

We welcome proposals for in-person demos of academic, open, free, and non-commercial software. The software may or may not be directly associated with accepted ISBI 2024 papers and abstracts, but should still have relevance to accepted ISBI 2024 work. The academic demo sessions of ISBI 2024 will aim to showcase recent developments in the field, software used in ISBI 2024 papers, all relevant to the ISBI community. This will be an opportunity for presenters to perform live demos of their code/software while interacting with conference attendees face-to-face. Note that these demos are separate from ISBI’s commercial booths.

Demos should focus on open science, reproducible research, clinically-translational work, and soft skills development. Demos should provide material for all levels of expertise, including students, early career scientists, professionals, and clinical users. Demos should primarily focus on the (relatively mature) tools developed by the presenters rather than results.

Demo format
All accepted demos will be in-person in an assigned conference hall during the main conference. Each demo will be provided with a small table, power outlet, wireless (shared) Internet, and a monitor during its assigned time slot. Submissions should list all other supporting equipment that will be needed per demo, so the conference committee may do their best to arrange them. Demo presenters are expected to bring their own laptops/PCs as needed for their demo.

Demo fee
There will be a fee for a half-day table to be paid upon registration. This fee must be paid by the presenter of the relevant paper the demo is attached to, who will be attending the conference, in addition to their conference attendee fee.

Demo proposal
Proposals should be no more than one (1) page in 12-point font submitted as a single PDF file. Demo proposals should contain the following sections:

  • Title, brief topic overview and brief expected learning outcomes. All titles must have the prefix “Demo:” ; i.e., each demo proposal title must be in the following form, “Demo:<Title>”.
  • One “representative image”.
  • Relevance to ISBI community: Emerging topics will be favorably considered if the link with the ISBI community is clearly established (the software is associated with an accepted ISBI 2024 paper or abstract).
  • List any GitHub or otherwise public software related URLs.
  • Target audience: From which areas do you expect potential participants to visit your demo? What prior knowledge or skills, if any, do you expect from the audience? What software or programming languages might be involved?
  • Presenter information (not included in page limit): Please provide names, affiliations, positions, and email addresses for each demo-presenter.

Download the Call for demos 

Demo submission
All demo proposals are submitted via email with the subject line ISBI 2024 academic demo submission: <Title> to the following address:

Important dates

  • April 19, 2024: Demo proposals due
  • April 22, 2024: Accept/Reject notification
  • April 15, 2024: Deadline to submit any update on requested materials needed
  • May 27-30, 2024: Demo date

All deadlines are 11:59pm USA (PST).