Student travel grants

ISBI 2024 Student travel grants

ISBI 2024 announces the availability of twenty $800 travel awards which will be distributed based on merit and need.

To be eligible, the first author of the ISBI 2024 paper should be either a student (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) or an early stage post-doctoral trainee. IEEE ISBI supports diversity in science and engineering, encouraging women and minorities to apply for travel stipends. Travel awards are limited to first authors of accepted full papers. If awarded, the recipient should present their paper in person at ISBI 2024.

Funds will support trainee’s travel (i.e., transportation, lodging, advance registration fees) and will not support honorariums, meals, or entertainment.

Note that it is likely that funds will be disbursed subsequent to completion of the conference.

Applications should be submitted through this form.

Applicants are requested to provide the following documentation:

  • A short CV (maximum two pages).
  • A letter from their academic advisor/professor confirming that:
    • The applicant is currently a full-time research student in good standing and working in areas related to biomedical imaging.
    • The applicant will be presenting in person at the IEEE ISBI 2024 conference.
    • The remainder of the applicant’s travel support will be covered by matching funds. A description of the matching funds should be provided.
  • A personal statement describing their research interests and accomplishments to date, and the potential benefit obtained from attending IEEE ISBI 2024.

Application Deadline: April 10, 2024.
May 1, 2024.