ISBI 2024 Tutorials

  • DiMEDIA: Diffusion Models in Medical Imaging and Analysis
    Sotirios Tsaftaris
  • Federated Learning in Healthcare
    Sarthak Pati
  • Fairness of AI in Medical Imaging (FAIMI)
    Aasa Feragen
  • AI tools for computational neuroanatomy
    Eleftherios Garyfallidis
  • Computational Pathology Tutorial: Clinical Insights and Methodological Advances
    Maria Vakalopoulou
  • Explainable Αrtificial Ιntelligence in Biomedical Imaging
    Kalliopi V. Dalakleidi
  • Brain Connectome Analysis with Graph Neural Networks
    Carl Yang
  • National Cancer Institute Imaging Data Commons as a resource to support transparency, reproducibility, and scalability in imaging AI
    Andrey Fedorov