ISBI2024 Art & Social Responsibility

ISBI2024 Art & Social Responsibility 560 560 IEEE – ISBI 2024

ISBI2024 is dedicated to promoting Social Responsibility through meaningful actions and initiatives that resonate with our commitment to society and its people. As part of this ethos, we are delighted to announce that during the symposium, Soteur, a renowned multidisciplinary artist, will be creating an artwork inspired by ISBI2024 topics, with the final piece donated to ELEPAP.

ELEPAP (Rehabilitation for The Disabled) is the first charitable non-profit organization in Greece that provides comprehensive support for children with motor disabilities and neurodevelopmental deficits.
It provides innovative and constantly evolving methods of education and rehabilitation, aiming for every child to reach their maximum potential and to integrate smoothly and equally into the social fabric.

This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to supporting organizations like ELEPAP that tirelessly serve vulnerable communities.